Adopted By Zoella

Adopted By Zoella

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eliza By basslinehood Completed

Steph has lived in an orphanage for her whole life, and has given up hope of ever being adopted.

Zoella and YouTube are the only things that make Steph happy, and when she meets her idol at a book signing, will Zoe open her heart and see the hopeful girl in front of her?

 #1 in Zoella , #3 in adopted by zoella

Sequel is up now! It's called Life With Zoella :))

(cover by@taylorselites!)

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Mesmerizedtdm Mesmerizedtdm Jul 01, 2017
Mine is:
                              Black blazer
                              White shirt
                              Black skirt/trousers
                              Tights or socks, black
                              Any black shoes
                              PE kit: 
                              Red and black polo shirt
                              Black skort with school logo on in red
                              Red and black socks
                              I hate it alllllll
SuazaK SuazaK Jun 30, 2017
Omg my school uniform is a black blazer, blue and green tie, white shirt and black skirts/pants
kookiekittyluvyou kookiekittyluvyou Aug 30, 2017
                              And I name those last two x's Susan 5 and Susan 6
EllieRose011 EllieRose011 May 21, 2017
Mine is (brace urselves)
                              A white shirt
                              Red and blue tie
                              A grey v neck jumper 
                              A navy blazer
                              A grey skirt 
                              White/grey knee high socks
                              Black school shoes
                              And PE kit (which I hate)
                              Red shirt (with a neck flap so boys can see down ur shirt)
                              REALLY short skort
                              A navy hoodie (only when outside)
liammBabyy liammBabyy May 05, 2017
Ours is a purple blazer black trousers or skirt black shoes and a purple and yellow tie
My school uniform is my school polo and whatever pants I want