Precious Doll in This Ugly World [Pokemon Fanfic, 2015 PKMNWatties]

Precious Doll in This Ugly World [Pokemon Fanfic, 2015 PKMNWatties]

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eri_quin By eri_quin Completed

A female Ash Ketchum is faced with being unable to fulfill her dreams with prejudices against her gender, and realizing that the world is a dark, ugly place. She wants to go on a pokemon journey, but the world isn't a safe place and she steadily learns the ugliness and takes off rose-colored lenses, while getting snatched up by the Teams.

An AU genderbent Pokemon story, for Wattpad Fanfic, genderbentstudies challenge. Now being continued.

Alternate summary: A female Ash wants to go on a pokemon journey, only to find out how dangerous it can really be. Rose-colored lens are smashed to pieces as she gets stuck facing human trafficking, the evils and desperation of humanity, and that there are gray areas for everything and everyone. Her unlikely saviors turn out to be the criminal Teams everyone warned her against...

Warnings: Dark themes, graphic violence, sexual situations, criminal activity, crime themes, human trafficking, etc... (RATING IS FOR NOW PG-13, SINCE THE CONTENT GUIDELINES LOOKS TO FIT -HOWEVER ) For full, uncensored chapters (mostly lemons):

Pairings: Eventual Giovanni, Archie, Maxie, Cyrus/Fem!Ash (BurntLedgerShipping with genderbent Ash twist, yeah I made that up ;P), but starts out slowly and separately with ShatterShipping (Gio/Ash), KyogreCrossingShipping (Archie/Ash), BurningAshesShipping (Maxie/Ash), and RedTreeShipping (Cyrus/Ash). Slight AmazedGeekageShipping (Colress/Ash) will be included.

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Germanshepherd29 Germanshepherd29 Mar 16, 2017
Sooo, that means that's the Ash from Pokemon, ohhh... I hope this Ash meets that Ash.
Me: Hey thats unfair!!!!!!
                              Gary: Your only a girl cassy girls cant join to what boys are doing
                              Me: Psh rude!!! Lets have a battle!!!! If i win you join us to what you are doing!!!! 
                              Gary: If i win!!! You wouldnt play with us
                              Both: Deal!!!!!
                              Me: Ralts Come on out!!!!!!!
                              To be continue
- - Jul 28, 2016
What's the songs name? Can you give me a list of the songs you used for this book?
YukisHope YukisHope Jan 07, 2017
I just finished reading this story on It was one of the best stories I've read on the internet.
JungKookies_and_Milk JungKookies_and_Milk May 27, 2016
That's like saying you have candy in your van. . . . . .I'm sorry, I'm being awkward.😅
Skyoe_Gaming Skyoe_Gaming Aug 18, 2016
Sorry Ashelia, but if you want to have a female friends, all they have are inside jokes!