Poor Peter Parker // Irondad

Poor Peter Parker // Irondad

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Peter Parker was your average teenage orphan, fifteen with a dedication to fighting crime and kicking ass as the superhero vigilante 'Spider-Man'. 

After his Aunt passed a year and a half ago, Peter lived in Meadows Orphanage, where he met the one and only Eddie Brock. One tragic incident later, and close-knit brothers Peter and Eddie find themselves living on their own. 

But what happens to the two when Peter earns himself the part as Tony's personal intern? What happens when Spider-Man is forced to join the Avengers? How does he balance a double life of fighting crime and playing house with Tony Stark and the Avengers themselves? 


+ venom :D

I will be putting a trigger warning at the beginning of any possibly triggering chapters and I'll place brackets around the violent parts! ❤️ 

I know this is the basic prompt for most Irondad stories, but I pick up my own storyline lickety split! Thanks for giving it a try! ❤️ 

I do not own any of these characters!


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