Pretty Boy - A Spencer Reid Fan Fiction

Pretty Boy - A Spencer Reid Fan Fiction

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eloise2908 By eloise2908 Updated Feb 02, 2015

Spencer Reid has had an array of failed romantic endeavours in his lifetime.

He is known as the 'Lone Genius'
A depressing title that foretells his life of certain loneliness.

Until he meets her.

Doctor Ella Bloom, an Oxford psychology graduate starting work in the BAU. 

Spencer's persistent brain tells him to solve cases, but his heart is desperate to feel something again. 


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itz_multi_fangirl itz_multi_fangirl Aug 06, 2017
Aww spencey your not a loser:(
                              You have like a million fans at your feet
StarGazerGalaxies StarGazerGalaxies Jan 17, 2017
Sigh, why do the guys always do this??? It only makes them more attractive for some strange reason.
- - Jan 17, 2016
I got you.
                              Literally...*moans and screams in background*
                              "SHUT UP MATTHEW DINNERS NEARLY READY"
Nerdygirl6474 Nerdygirl6474 Jan 05, 2016
5 dollars.............. 5 dollars! 5 FREAKING DOLLARS WHERE THE HECK DO U SELL THOSE MUGS TELL ME☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️
schrutefarm schrutefarm Dec 13, 2015
I'm guessing you're actually British lol. Just so you know, Americans say push ups and not press ups. I hope that didn't offend you. I just wanted you to know.
MazeWolf1114 MazeWolf1114 Sep 08, 2015
Reid, Boo Bear, you're not a loser. Do you have any idea how many fangirls you have that would be honored to corrupt you?