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She's Not Real! ≈Under Editing ≈

She's Not Real! ≈Under Editing ≈

64K Reads 2.9K Votes 21 Part Story
Your Fairy Tail Girl By Yana-Chan Completed

Ever sense the girls came back from a mission they haven't been acting themselves. The guys, Natsu, Gray, and Gajeel had to get to the bottom of why they were acting so weird.

Until one day... They find out that she wasn't even real.

[GruVia, NaLu, GaLe]

Ender_Rose_Amos Ender_Rose_Amos Jul 22, 2016
Not to sound rude, but its "Lucy, juvia and I" sorry, bit of a grammar freak. 😂
CinnamonRoll_Galaxy CinnamonRoll_Galaxy Sep 17, 2016
Wait so when it's levy's time of the month he knows and has to know every little detail? That's not wrong
EIIie-Chan EIIie-Chan Sep 19, 2016
.... What's the business in your pants Gajeel...?
                              F*UCK IM KIDDIN!!! Geez.... 😑
Sapphire_Blue_07 Sapphire_Blue_07 Aug 31, 2016
Oh as long as Lucy, Juvia and Levy can feel it while it's going on, I'm fine with it
DorkyLips DorkyLips Dec 18, 2015
N-no.... I-I think this is a ...... great book.
                              B-but.... T-the c-capitalization... aren't quite....umm.....
                              J-just.... Umm... c-correct... It.
TheRoseDroplets TheRoseDroplets Aug 15, 2014
Juvia talks in 3rd person. Not in first person. Even if you make it her pov