Trying To Walk Away

Trying To Walk Away

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When Lisanna comes back from Edolas everyone starts to ignore Lucy as if she doesn't exist. The only people that pay Lucy any attention is Wendy, Juvia, and Gajeel. The only reason that is, is because they don't know Lisanna. But Lucy starts to feel left out and ignored. She was hoping everything would go back to being okay. But Natsu walked up to her one day and said... After Natsu told Lucy the news she had her mind set on what she was going to do. She was going to leave Fairytail. 

After Natsu had finally realized Lucy was missing he confessed to Master how he truly felt about Lucy. From that day on Natsu had started living in Lucy's apartment and paying for her rent. He would rarely ever eat. And when anything broke in the apartment he would either fix it or get a new one. But everyday her scent started fading from her room. And he was soon left with nothing. 

Someone called The Rain Of Terror joined the guild. Everyone around the world knew that name. They gave her that name. But Fairy tail was the last guild she needed to join. So she did. She started going by as rain for short. And she went on a mission with Natsu. Natsu was slowly falling for Rain. But Rain wasn't falling for him. But she slowly realized what she had done and regrets it.

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- - Nov 28, 2016
Lucy, I'm here! Let's partner up! Since everyone forgot my birthday! ;^;