Love Changes Everything-Gajeel x Levy

Love Changes Everything-Gajeel x Levy

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One can only imagine the outcome when Mirajane concocts a grand scheme to help her guildmates realize their feelings for one another. Especially when this mage's scheme sends the Fairy Tail Guild spiraling into chaos, because several of their members have switched bodies! 

It's changeling reimagined, on a grander scale- and when Gajeel Redfox switches with Levy Mcgarden, things get really crazy. Both mages know of their love for one another, but they're too scared to say it. Is this the kind of push they need, or is it what could be considered a push in the wrong direction? 

Their's is not the only love story to unwind though, as their fellow guild members have been effected by this crazy scheme as well. Gray and Juvia, Natsu and Lucy, Elfman and Evergreen, even Mirajane and Laxus are dragged into this whirlwind of emotions! Will a day in the other persons shoes make the mages realize what their feelings are toward that person? And will they even be able to switch back? 

Inspired by the episode changeling, with a primary focus on Gajeel and Levy's romance. And I encourage you to vote this story for the wattpad wattys!

*fake dramatic gasp with my hand to my chest turning away it emphasise drama* Gajeel!
😂😂😂😂 NATSU..... he's so dumb I'm sure he didn't even know what he's just said is ssoo wrong
Gemini... The Jade Dragon... Fairy Tail of the dead meeeeen... Am I forgetting anything?😆
I couldn't stop smiling at this 😁😁 its just too adorable!!
I read the description and now I'm all excited for short Gajeel