Test Subject (SlendyTubbies AU)

Test Subject (SlendyTubbies AU)

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WaterWashout By WaterWashout Updated Sep 02

cover art by meeee

Hello this is my first story! This is my Slendytibbies AU, read the description on details about it!

Four of the most dangerous and hated criminals were dragged into a strange building by more than two dozen police officers, shotguns in hands. 

Two male, two female, as was requested. Here they will beg God for mercy some say. Who knows what will happen to them. Each have done something so horrible that still today they are listed as the world's most cruel human beings.

Each are put into a different cell, each assigned a different scientist. The lead scientist, Walten, has needed human test subjects for an experiment he has been planning for years now, ever since he was twelve to be exact. What will happen to the four new test subjects? Well read to find out.
They are humans (for now) and will have normal names (for now xD)

Tinky Winky: Tristan 
Dipsy: Michael
Laa Laa: Jennifer (Jenny)
Po: Jessica