Jack Frost x Reader ~My only Snowflake

Jack Frost x Reader ~My only Snowflake

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♡♡유키♡♡ By YukiSunshine Updated Sep 25, 2016

Read Please! ^~^

You lost your parents after Pitch Black killed them. Pitch told you that he is your real father. And he already married your Mother Elise and you are he's lost daughter. But You and the Guardians didn't believe him. Your Grandparents take care of you, for now. Your life change and feelings grow between you and Jack Frost. You have many challenges in this story and laughter with me and Jack around xD But.....Pitch Black will do something evil from you D: Your lovelife and life is in danger!

Is Pitch really lying? Or all of this is real? 

Read and have a nice time Adventuring with them and me xD

 Have fun laughing and enjoying with us xD Hahaha (Random things happen..)

NOTE: This story is different from others like fighting scenes becoming funny/comedy scenes. Adding guardians from people's requests. And NOT! existing guardians from the movie! (Just Jack and etc. like that. They exist :3) Because this story can make you smile (sometimes HAHA)


Shirangy Shirangy Apr 01, 2016
I didn't cry, also I don't understand why pitch should do that, it's very much out of character
Lucyyong111 Lucyyong111 Jan 08
Pft.... I AM so not afraid of height....
                              Note the sarcastic voice
fng1rl fng1rl Jun 26, 2016
Bitch I'm not a princess I'm a queen and u shall bow down to me
cassie7r3 cassie7r3 Sep 30, 2016
You can never erase something becuase it's always there...you just can't see it 
Goldclaw10 Goldclaw10 Dec 16, 2016
Darn it, I've been on the verge of tears/crying all flipping day because of, guess who?
cassie7r3 cassie7r3 Sep 30, 2016
Tbh why...why dose in almost every fanfic of rise of the Guardians Jack almost always says a cute nickname like snowflake or princesse or cutie or whatever? Is that like a cliché thing now or what