I'm The White Wolf

I'm The White Wolf

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"Everett" I called him when he paused in his tracks. I looked around and realized that we were right in the middle of a clearing. "Why did we stop here?" I enquired in bewilderment.

Everett, who had his back to me, turned to face me. The hurt expression in his face didn't miss my notice even when he tried his best to conceal it from me, by giving me a small smile. "You know I love you right?" he asked me and I nodded happily. I knew my mate loves me and I love him too.  He stepped forward, cupped my face in his hands and placed a light, feathery kiss on my forehead. "I'm doing this because I love you" he whispered, and then taking a step back, curled his fingers to form a tight fist.

I stared at his fist and then glanced up to clash with his pacific blue eyes, "Doing what?" I prompted.

Everett didn't bother replying; instead he shifted into his huge black wolf, compelling me to take a few steps back. 'Shift' he commanded through the link. I looked away not meeting his gaze because I didn't appreciate the way he commanded me.

Nobody commands me. Nobody.

'I, Everett Green, Alpha of Waterwave Pack, am challenging you, Templar Green, White Wolf, for a fight'

writhoholic writhoholic Nov 06, 2017
Not gonna happen Simon, believe me because I came here after reading prequel so I know old man. RIP to Glen CoCo
LoriMandle LoriMandle Oct 18, 2017
Is it bad that I’m actually feeling sorry for Simon right now? He seems to be a nice enough guy who actually cares about his son. This is a very nice change from the evil dickheads you never question are horrible, but also very confusing
LoriMandle LoriMandle Oct 18, 2017
Could they not just ask for the body so they could perform a more formal burial? They could stand at the edge of the boarder and ask about it, right? They’re not gonna wanna keep a dead body
beckylove10786 beckylove10786 Oct 09, 2017
Yeah he killed her alright he killed her so much that head just got disabled from his body.🙄😑
keerti5 keerti5 Oct 22, 2017
There is an error here which has caused the confusion. It will be "Randall took the first flight........ " ; not Simon.
StealthyDiamonds StealthyDiamonds Oct 12, 2017
Aww man, I didn't know there was a first book but I'll gladly read it. I cannot wait to read this one!