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Happy To Be Me By hapz_2bme Completed

"Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven"  -  John Milton, 'Paradise Lost'

When the virus came, it infected the whole world in less than a month.

Sixteen year old Hazel Williams, and her dog, Azrael, a Siberian Husky, lived two years in the apocalypse and still counting. They endured canned goods and slept in abandoned houses. During the day, they fought zombies.
Only the zombies in their world weren't the dead who came back to life. They were living people who acted like the dead.
Living this way for two years, Hazel thought they were the only non-zombie left on earth. 

She was about to be proved wrong. 

Could Hazel survive through annoying jerks, airhead cheerleaders, and super yucky zombies? And could there really be a cure for the pandemic? 
Well, she's about to find out. 

And its not going to be pretty.

[There is another story included inside BSTZ, and that's OZTS, or Once Zombie Twice Shy. Its more darker and gory than BSTZ.]

All Rights Reserved.

xNikola-Gx xNikola-Gx Mar 13
I'm really reluctant to read this because I KNOW ILL CRY IF THE DOG DIES
ChainBound ChainBound Dec 07, 2015
So i guess in this one it rlly is just plague lol. Not like some parasite thing controlling the brain even after death and you can only kill them that way
BlueGreenAwesome05 BlueGreenAwesome05 Jan 14, 2015
@hapz_2bme hahaha... hey I'm not that well equipt.. ans a nurse is VERY important...
hapz_2bme hapz_2bme Jan 14, 2015
@BlueGreenAwesome05 Of course pau ;) You have the weapons, after all. I'm just the nurse 
BlueGreenAwesome05 BlueGreenAwesome05 Jan 14, 2015
haha... love the story! you're still addicted to zombie apocalypse... remember the plan... if ever a zombie apocalypse doea come.... the three of us meet up... okay?
monotreme7 monotreme7 Sep 22, 2014
So far this is really good. I can feel a good story coming on! :D