It Started With a Pencil

It Started With a Pencil

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ღ Miss Believer ღ By Torn_to_Strong Updated Jun 27

A pencil.

Out of all the possible ways I could have met Christian Devlin, it had to be a pencil. I could have met him at our local bowling place, mistaking him for a bowling pin and hit him with a bowling ball. Or I could have met him at a baseball diamond and accidentally whack him in the head a few times with a bat, but no. I had to meet the guy when I accidentally hit him with a pencil. A pink princess pencil to be exact. I couldn't of hit him in the eye could I? I just had to hit his cheek! It's moments like that I wish I had good aiming.. 

And to think it all started with a pencil. 

"Listen, and listen good..." I said leaning in closer to him. "Consider me something you'll never get." I said in a low tone to him.

He leaned in closer to me until I could practically feel his minty breath on me. I know this isn't the time to say it, but it tickled.. "Never's a real long time." He said quietly and smiled.

I smiled. "Then you should give up right now." I said quietly.

He chuckled and whispered, "Never."

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Love spelled backwards kinda sounds like evil. Coincidence? I think not.
JessicaBFry JessicaBFry Aug 27, 2015
A fun start here. I'll comment more once I reach the next chapter.
dongogirl dongogirl Jul 04, 2015
Lol you  go from thinking aw what tragic thing happened to this person she wants to re meet to realizing she just wants hit them, and that nothing tragic happens. except she wishes something had instead. I like it's new
suculent suculent Dec 30, 2014
@rebelist_ @Torn_to_Strong your welcome!!! ♥♥ happy to read ♥
xXSafe_HavenXx xXSafe_HavenXx Jul 07, 2014
Can't wait for the next update I like the main character already!!!! 
                              (She reminds me of me xD)
dongogirl dongogirl Jul 03, 2014
Lol! She hit him with a pencil! From the way it started I thought this book was going to have a sad ending but with the part of hitting someone with a steel chair i realized this is going to be better!