Reborn as a cat in KHR

Reborn as a cat in KHR

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ScarletClown By ScarletClown Updated Oct 18, 2015

Tanaka Arisu is a normal girl with a normal life.

She wasn't that pretty and she wasn't that smart.

She had dreams. A dream of becoming a doctor, a mother and a grandparent.

She thought she would live her life to the fullest and die peacefully.

Unfortunately, that was not the case.

On the day of her 19th birthday, she was walking innocently by the sidewalk when a bus crashed into her.

Apparently the bus was hijacked by a robber and wanted to use the vehicle closest to him to make a quick escape.

The driver and the robber fought for the wheel and eventually crashed into Arisu.

It was an instant death as the bus broke Arisu's rib bones and it pierced into her lungs and heart.

Arisu then awoke to a familiar looking house and found herself in a form of a cat.

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HanaOtaku HanaOtaku Nov 04
I kinda thought that he was a flat chested short haired girl it was around the middle of episode 1 that I realized that she was a he
It's always, trucks, car, fire, bomb, uber, pot plant, and suicide that kills the oc
NHearts NHearts Jan 17
DAMNIT TRUCKS-SAN! I thought we had a discussion about u running over high school girls for fun and giggles!!