My Snowy Snowy Wolf

My Snowy Snowy Wolf

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There was a time long ago, where two species, the Vampires and Werewolves were brought together by a certain white werewolf, and there after lived in harmony. 

But the alliance was broken about 500 years ago, when the Werewolve king was influenced by a certain dark force, to kidnap the Vampire Queen for selfish needs. The vampires declared war on the werewolves, and most of the werewolves decided not to fight in the war, hence resulting in the werewolf kingdom being divided into 10 different packs, each pack led by their own Alpha. 

Blood was shed, lives were lost, and the pack that had kidnapped the Vampire Queen was defeated and the entire pack was destroyed. From that day on, the two speicies were bitter enemies, and both vowed never to step into each other's territories, or death would be brought upon.

Sophia met her Alpha mate, Ashton, who rejected her and in turn claimed that her gorgeous twin sister Shelly was his mate.
Broken hearted and dejected, Sophia ran away from home and unconsciously stepped into Vampire territory. She captured the attention of the soon to be king Blake, who for some reason felt a special connection towards her.

Little did Sophia know, that she was the descendant of the heroine white wolf, and she was to carry the same prophecy her ancestor did, unite the two species once again and destroy the dark force.

orange_marmalade000 orange_marmalade000 Aug 03, 2015
The cover is so interesting!!! Especially when it has Kris who used to be in Exo before!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Love-Me-Down Love-Me-Down May 25, 2015
please let is be the vampire cause even though don't know what he looks like I think he is hot 
Pelgrace Pelgrace Nov 23, 2014
Hope she doesn't pick her jerk of a mate... Cool prologue...
princessoftianaland princessoftianaland Aug 18, 2014
But she looks just like you so wouldn't they be calling HER. Fat ugly etc. Too 
BloodyRoseThorns BloodyRoseThorns May 26, 2014
The book summary sounds very intriguing. I must read it the cover enraptured me and now so has the summary of the novel. Let's hope I can enjoy this story. :)
katiecat27 katiecat27 Apr 25, 2014
do u mean " death could be brought upon THEM if THEY stepped into each other's territories. ?