My Snowy Snowy Wolf

My Snowy Snowy Wolf

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Letchstar1 By Letchstar1 Updated Jun 21, 2017


"Please," I begged, struggling against his strong hold.
"Be quiet, we wouldn't want to wake up the devil now would we?" He grinned at me, licking my blood off his knife slowly. I used the last of my strength to sharply elbow him, making him lose balance and i used the opportunity to run off, ignoring the excruciating pain in my left leg that he had broken earlier.

"Run while you still can baby, you will never leave" His chuckles rang through the darkness, as i stumbled and fell, into his arms and into darkness.

Time is running out for this generation's white heroine, Sophia. Being thrown into a whole new world filled with Vampires and Demons, after being rejected by her mate,  it is up to Sophia to destroy the dark force and bring peace to the mystical world once and for all.

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