Leave It All Behind

Leave It All Behind

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"You can't run, I'll catch you. You can't hide, I'll find you. So why don't you just give up, Sophia darling?"

Sophia is an ordinary girl with a  ordinary family and and ordinary life. But when a supernatural named Chase kidnaps her, her life is flipped upside down. 

As it turns out, Chase has three brothers, and all of them fascinate and scare Sophia equally. As she struggles with feelings she's never felt for anyone before, will Sophia make the right choices? Or will she be trapped forever?

Will she ever get away, or will she sacrifice her hopes, dreams and life for these boys after she learns the truth?Boys that appear to be cruel and sadistic. Will  Sophia see a different side of them, and will she find out about their pasts, and the grief they try to forget?

With everybody lying to her and keeping secrets, will she ever learn the truth?

At every turn, Sophia will struggle with her new reality. But will she be strong enough to handle it, or will she fall apart?

-Wrote this when we were 13 so if you want a better written book with less grammatical mistakes, read our more recent ones, but it's up to you what you read xD ~

  • brothers
  • claim
  • kidnapped
  • love
  • new
  • possessive
  • romance
  • shifter
  • siblings
  • stolen
  • supernatural
  • trapped
  • vampire
  • vampires
  • werewolf
lucreditia lucreditia Mar 31, 2016
I like the Mystery. 
                              Sophia is also one of my novel characters. 
                              Mind checking my novel..  Tge arranged 
                              And True soul please
- - Jun 14, 2016
Sorry what I cant- I can't see... I can't see through the cloud of awkwardness that just blew up in this place
- - Mar 27, 2016
Oh yeah sure it's perfectly reasonably to drool at your kidnapper 😂😂😂😂 #stockholmsyndrome ⬅️ probably misspelt that
binomialnomenklatur binomialnomenklatur Jan 25, 2017
Yes and I can imagine it must be a sting for my eyes too lol