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Pen Your Pride
The Good, the Bad & the Undies.

The Good, the Bad & the Undies.

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laconteur By laconteur Updated Aug 08, 2016

She was the new girl. She was lost looking for her class. She was running around the halls. 

Then she slammed into something and she fell.

Flat on the ground. 

She realized it wasn't a thing she ran into, it was a person. A boy. A gorgeous boy.

And then she realized that she was lying on the floor in front of this Greek God and what was even worse, was that her skirt had ridden up and her hot pink underwear was on display. 

"This can't be happening."


There are the Good. You know, people who do all their homework, people who never stay out past their curfew. People who don't get detentions or fight or drink. People who do what they're told. People like Isabelle Winters. 

Then there are the Bad. People who break rules, fight a lot, drink and skip school to get high. People who don't give a shit about rules and regulations and are cocky as hell. Somebody like Sebastian Manner. 

And then there's this hot pink underwear that has nothing to do with anything but somehow manages to bring two people who are poles opposite together. 

Which means there's The Good, The Bad and the Undies. A romantic comedy about a relationship started by a certain pink underwear.

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So casual.
                              Okay, i humped into a boy, and fell down. Oh no my underwear fell down. What do i do. On no. Not the pictures
Mitti1 Mitti1 Aug 12, 2016
I feel as though this is Angel Beats! Specifically Yui and Hinita. (Idk how to spell japanese)
ohvamp ohvamp Jan 04, 2017
People should comment more to give the author some motivation the views are alot but no comments at all thats something to be pissed off for
monietony monietony Jul 17, 2016
Everyone: don't say it, that joke is wayyyy to old to-
                              Me: DAMN ISABELLE, BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE WHITE VANS
ohvamp ohvamp Jan 04, 2017
Im just gonna put this in my library in case she decided to come back
psycharry psycharry Aug 07, 2015
You know how you look for the right book to read and every book you select just isn't the one? I've found my book.