Mating Season

Mating Season

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FeastOfNoise By FeastOfNoise Updated Sep 04, 2015

An ancient rivalry between two werewolf packs caused Amber to live the majority of her life within a pack that was labeled the strongest in the northern hemisphere, but as the hated Omega, not knowing she was destined for greater things, for the blood of an Alpha coursed through her veins. 

But before things got good for her, they first got hideous when Amber experienced the ultimate rejection for her kind: Being rejected by one's Destined Mate, who happened to be none other than Amber's Alpha, the infamous, cold-hearted Lucas, followed by banishment from the only pack she ever knew into the dangerous unknown to become a pack-less rogue.

Little did Amber know that the very blood in her veins would attract other rogues to her and that she would one day become the Alpha of a pack of rogues that would rival even her former pack. Six years later, Amber is content with her life as Alpha and owner of a flourishing business, but just when she thinks she's got a chance at true happiness, the Fates interfere, what with Mating Season just around the corner and her wolf’s unrelenting need to be claimed growing with each passing day.

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acidkitten22 acidkitten22 Jul 17, 2016
I find it intresting that the pack 'shadow keepers' is also an active pack on wolf online in hh 🤔
CatDavis CatDavis Oct 05, 2015
Wonder how she'll in the enemy's camp growing up as an outsider.
Nevara_araveN7 Nevara_araveN7 Jul 24, 2015
Carson, I'm not the only one to say this:
lovelywords1590 lovelywords1590 Aug 13, 2014
I really like the way you write, and the way you describe the scenes. I'll deffinetly be checking out the rest of your works.
Cupcakesandcookies Cupcakesandcookies Aug 10, 2014
Awesooooome! I love discovering original werewolf stories now there's a genuine reason for her to be rejected not just the usual "you're fat and ugly and weak no one loves you"
NotOneOftheBoys NotOneOftheBoys Jul 18, 2014
I've just finished Arabian Desert and I can't wait to start reading this!!!