*I'm a huge anime and manga fan. Otaku for life!

*I love historical romances, especially about the highlands! They get me all jittery inside. And the men are such yummy hunks! ^.^

*I will break you if you plagiarize me. I promise. It's happened to me thrice. Do it to me a fourth time and I swear I'll crush and expose you. Thank you google. ;)

**All reading requests will be ignored. Sorry, I barely have time these days to breathe.


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The Arabian Desert

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Description: In order to protect her daughter, Fadia disguises her only child, Maria, as a helper boy when Zane, the arrogant, demonically handsome rogue attacks their town and claims it as his own, in search of its riches and treasures and a secret goal preciou...

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sweetiezee posted a message to FeastOfNoise
hey! I love your story "arebian deserts" its a beautiful story very mesmerizing and I have only finished 10 chapters. thank you for sharing your amazing writing skills and talents with us ☺
LaineAllen posted a message to FeastOfNoise
Hey I really love your book the Arabian dessert! I've been reading it constantly and can't put it down!  I won't push you to update because I understand how hard it can be to write a book AND find the time to do so! And wanted to say your such a great writer and I know you'll be published some day!! I'm going to start reading She Who Bares the wolfs mark(think that's what it's called ) because I love your writing and know it'll be just as good as The Arabian Desert!! Good luck with writing by the way!
gee516 posted a message to FeastOfNoise
I haven't read yet your update but I already love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for updating! I was really surprised and I can't wait to read it! 
Okay people are really pïssing me off. All you guys keep banging on about is "update the story" just fūck of and let the writer do things at their own pace. Kapeesh?