The Book Keeper's Heart

The Book Keeper's Heart

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Nandini Varma is the keeper of books in her town. More like, she owns the only bookstore. It doesn't matter that her parents hated her decision, she loves what she does, has a supportive friend group and a new neighbor who happens to love reading.

And is a perfect male, something she hasn't been able to experience.

Ryan Callahan's moving on from his writing career and is back working for the police. It's hard though, when the crazy book lady happens to be a huge fan of his. What she doesn't know is that one of her favorite authors has moved near her, and loves her food.

It's just the start of another awkward love story.

Most Impressive Ranking: 2/16,700 in Slice Of Life
Chicklit ranking: 115/35,300

Cover by: @armeiallanes