I See Vibrations

I See Vibrations

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Izuku loves himself. He loves his quirk, even if it made him blind. He loves his mom, who has supported him no matter what. 

Izuku even still cares about Kacchan, his childhood friend, even if he relentlessly bullies Izuku for his blindness. They may have drifted apart, but time will tell if they make amends.

Katsuki loves himself. His quirk is the strongest ever, and he will surpass All-Might with it. He may care for his mom, who has tried to snub his ego from day one.

Katsuki, however, hates Deku. The useless disable thinks that they're on the same level? Thats a good joke. It doesn't matter what Deku wants or thinks, there is no way in hell Katsuki will be that disable's friend.


Join our blind broccoli boy as he makes friends, fights the baddies, and is sassy throughout. So what if he's blind? At least he can see right from wrong.

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