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Doppled in Gray

Doppled in Gray

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Sarah Westen By SarahWesten Updated Sep 23, 2012

They were all painstakingly similar and yet so painfully different...
	Daze had never thought there was anything odd about her life. Living in a world where people were born by being pixelated in and died by being pixelated out; waking up and finding you were missing a limb, finding a new tattoo. This had always been normal to her. 
	But following Daze's brother's death, a scientist by the name of Doctor Teng pixelates into her city and tells all the inhabitants the truth: they are clones and are being sent to work for their originals. In a novel about adventure, love, betrayal and fate follow Daze as she she strives to cope with the fact that,  no matter how hard she tries, Daze and her people may always be the same.

addictedtoyourkisses addictedtoyourkisses Jul 07, 2012
The concept of this story is extremely original. I have never heard of a sci-fi story where people pixelated, and the idea of that was wonderfully thought out, because you mentioned them waking up with new tattoo's, which means they would 'update' when their original changed. The story is amazing.
SarahWesten SarahWesten Mar 27, 2012
@Kara_writes I hate having to put it in the Science Fiction category because it's not READ SciFi it's in the Dystopian genre, like the Hunger Games and (like you said) In Time. I might just change it from SciFi and just put dystopian in the description. Anyways thx :)
SarahWesten SarahWesten Mar 26, 2012
@InceptionGirl lol don't you just love him?! Ik I do! :DDDDD
weeknder weeknder Mar 26, 2012
Before I even start reading let me say this: OMG OMG JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT! *Dies of nosebleed*. That's it, I'll say more when I actually get to really read your story! :P
sexy_love_panda sexy_love_panda Jan 22, 2012
Interesting all ready someone was near to death cool! Lol this was very well written, *voted and add to libary* :-D
SprinkledHoney SprinkledHoney Jan 22, 2012
Aw that was so sad! I feel so sorry for Daze, seeing as Pher was her only family. That must have been terrible, watching him die and all. This was greatly written, I could imagine everything and even though this is like a fantasy - I had no problem in getting the gist of it by the end. Great job!:]