The Imposter

The Imposter

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Nichole By haferness3 Completed

Would you doubt your own sanity if you were suddenly blamed for certain events that you had no idea were happening? 

At first, Dayna thinks everyone is playing a horrible joke on her -- blaming her for doing things she wouldn't normally even think of doing. To add onto that, the new guy at school hates her guts for reasons she doesn't understand. But then, she realizes something just isn't adding up. She's blamed for things she's quite sure she didn't do and between taking detentions, to making out with other girls’ boyfriends and getting arrested, Dayna has had enough. She wants to know who is impersonating her and why. Fed up with the situation, she confides in her robotic scientist parents who shamefully admit that they had created a perfect clone of her…that somehow managed to escape. 

Amid the huge mess her life has become, she meets Kyle, who is an agent assigned to her to keep her safe from her so-called clone. He is also the new boy at school that has an unadulterated hatred for her. Kyle is more man than boy, who has a cynical outlook at life, and a very black and white way of looking at things. As the school term ends and she graduates, Dayna finds herself having a very interesting summer filled with planning, strategizing, and an unknown attraction towards Kyle. In the end hard decisions will have to be made. 

But who will win? Dayna or Dayna?