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Tessa Lovatt By tessa-x Completed

Rose had the perfect summer planned, and those plans didn't involve Brent -- a gorgeous but cold lifeguard. 

London socialite Rosalie Harrington knows there's more to life than image and reputation, but that doesn't stop her enjoying the power and respect that her position as Queen Bee brings. 

She's therefore far from happy when told she'll be spending the summer in a remote coastal town, miles away from the glamour and luxury of her usual lifestyle. As the cracks in her seemingly picture-perfect life emerge, Rose struggles to maintain her superficial friendships and battles with her deteriorating relationship. On top of that, her one place of escapism--the beach--is tarnished by the presence of an unfriendly, but undeniably handsome, lifeguard. 

The two of them couldn't be more different, but their mutual love of the beach forces them together and sparks begin to fly.

Brent might be an expert at saving troubled swimmers, but while they both drown in their own problems and fight to get to the surface of each other's issues, just who will end up rescuing who?

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DotDotDot90 DotDotDot90 May 30
I’m glad there is a book that doesn’t have a lot of typos bcuz it’s hard to understand when there are😅😭😋
grethanrios grethanrios Jul 17
this paragraph is so deep and it only makes it even better to read cause of the good use of words, may God bless you
Well in this situation it's good that you're keeping your emotions to your self cos you ain't right this time
Blink_Armytrash Blink_Armytrash 6 days ago
I love how everyone just judges her without getting to know ( lmao I know she's a fictional character) and then they all act like hypocrites when she ends judging someone else ( idk if she does I'm a ftr)
be-gon-ce be-gon-ce Sep 02
mate it took me 23 hours to fly to australia from england, that was hell.