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He's My Bodyguard (REWRITING)

He's My Bodyguard (REWRITING)

805K Reads 17.1K Votes 37 Part Story
Tiffany By IDrawOnMyself Completed

Tori's parents are brutally murdered and police make it their duty to protect her. She is sent to Pittsburgh to live with her new hunk of a bodyguard Rayner. Tori is forced to go to a new school, make new friends, and must protect her secret at all costs. Jealousy and rage break loose when Tori befriends someone who isn't to Rayner's liking. What happens when Rayner's job turns into something more? Can Rayner ignore his feelings and be Tori's pretend brother? Will Tori keep her secret? Is Tori really safe in her new home? Can she learn to deal with the loss of her parents? Is she well guarded from the thugs that killed her parents? Most importantly can she keep her sanity?

halle_goody halle_goody Feb 18, 2016
Love the book! But if you ever go though editing try abashed, or just ashamed. Love the book though!
eagle22wings eagle22wings Feb 04, 2016
Try 12-13 hour flights and being an uneasy flyer. It's a living hell
Crescent_Nightmare Crescent_Nightmare Apr 08, 2016
I love how she doesn't act like she is spoiled, she acts like how a real person would. I think it's amazing how the author did this, most people make them bipolar or spoiled or too trusting and kind but this is perfect.
sweet_Aisha sweet_Aisha Aug 18, 2016
She's coping well with her parents''s horrible but  she is strong
UntilWeCollide UntilWeCollide Mar 12, 2015
That line reminds me of Fast and Furious haha although they're a lot nicer :P