Killua X Reader

Killua X Reader

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(Will be reconstructed) 
You and Killua haven't always been good friends. In the past, something he did made you frightened of him for around a year. Gradually, you came to know him better and now you are amazing friends. You become girlfriend and boyfriend in the future, but all doesn't turn out well; as the future is a thing of the unknown, after all.

(I do not own the HunterXHunter characters)

~~~~~~~~ As decided by the people, you are a conjurer ~~~~~~~~

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deku_sama deku_sama Jun 08
I swear the first time I saw killua I knew I was gonna love him so of course this is not just friendly love
He’s not blood thirsty. His family just kills people for money. It’s not like he wants to kill people.
AlexHikari AlexHikari Dec 09, 2017
why do they have to stop me I want to be normal again and if that normal is killing I don't want to be normal then
Let me fix this last sentence. 
                              "I knew right away it was true love."
Because we are friends duh!
                              Big sisteeeeerrrr i'm lying again!!!
There is nothing wrong with that bae. I loved you more when you were killing anyways