Killua X Reader

Killua X Reader

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(Will be reconstructed) 
You and Killua haven't always been good friends. In the past, something he did made you frightened of him for around a year. Gradually, you came to know him better and now you are amazing friends. You become girlfriend and boyfriend in the future, but all doesn't turn out well; as the future is a thing of the unknown, after all.

(I do not own the HunterXHunter characters)

~~~~~~~~ As decided by the people, you are a conjurer ~~~~~~~~

  • killuazoldyckfanficition
                              HIDING SOMETHING?
                              *pulls out my pocket knife*
                              Gomen....I COULDN'T HEAR YOU
                              It's 72 degrees outside...
                              I'm wearing a long sleeve shirt...
                              There's no breezes in the air...
                              I think I'm good
Yay! Once we get past through the testing gate,Mike,Canary,the butlers and etc,Im gonna go savage and WILL be the first to go inside the Zoldyck mansion and the first thing I'll do is break all of Milluki's figurines and then go to Killua ^^
shinyadi shinyadi Jul 17
That's fine. As long as you don't kill anyone I care about ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
                              YOU'RE AT AN 11
                              IMMA NEED YOU TO TAKE IT DOWN A FEW NOTCHES
                              MADE TO LIKE A 5
Me: *sigh*
                              *takes off my shoe*
                              *throws it at kurapika*
                              Pls stop
                              Kurapika: Mk ;-;