Im Yours {KilluaXReader}

Im Yours {KilluaXReader}

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You are a young girl who usually doesn't have a care in the world. 
After meeting a special silver haired boy named Killua, you go out to adventure with him and his friends. 
After countless encounters and adventures, you and your friends are ready for more.

 This fanfic takes place after the first book
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The story takes place a few years after the anime has ended. You and Killua are both around the age of seventeen. I'll try to make whatever you look like up to the reader. Make sure you read the first book first! Hope you enjoy!

I do not own:
• hunterxhunter
•the plot
•or any if the characters
This is a fan fiction and therefore my own fantasy world in words

A little show eh. ;)) XD sorry I couldn't help it. My mind is messed up.
*reads title*
                              DAICHI O FUMISHIMETE 
                              KIMI WA MEZAMETE YUKU
                              TENSHI NO HOHOEMI DE
                              *plays music*
ichigo1214 ichigo1214 Oct 30
alluka practically destroyed the whole hunter x hunter series i was hopping that killua and gon would happen but i guess the guy coudnt helpp it
Poor children! If they had to hear my singing voice they should either be in the hospital for bleeding ears or 6 ft under ground in a coffin by now
                              I was almost caught finishing the first book during school…
                              BUT I'M HERE NONTHELESS