✔️ BAD NEIGHBORHOOD | hyunbinlix

✔️ BAD NEIGHBORHOOD | hyunbinlix

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𝖊𝖑𝖘𝖏𝖊 By K1SSLATER Completed

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   │ when seo changbin's parents shipped
   │ him off to live with his vampire aunt
   │ in the non-human region, tancheon,
   │ he thought he was done for. even if he
   │ tried to tell everyone he was against 
   │ the discrimination against their kind,
   │ he would still be shunned, he was sure.
   │ fortunately hwang hyunjin, the local
   │ outcast and missing prince of the
   │ underwater realms, took a shine to him
   │ and (literally) took him under his wing.
   │ just when changbin grows fond of his
   │ new friend and hopes they can become
   │ something more, lee felix enters the
   │ scene. shy, passionate and drop-dead 
   │ gorgeous, felix takes the liberty of 
   │ unknowingly making two of his new
   │ friends fall for him. misunderstandings,
   │ ones that often occur when three
   │ adolescent idiots fall in love, ensue.
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short chapters. stray kids' hyunjin,
felix and changbin. bxb. angsty and
fluffy. irregular updates.
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