Unwanted Love || Justin Bieber

Unwanted Love || Justin Bieber

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What happens when you marry your bestfriend?

"You live happily ever after??"

Not in this relationship.

Ever since Thea and Justin got married, they've grown farther and farther apart . . .

Justin became cold; always at work, and never acknowledged his wife.

So much for happily ever after, huh?

But wait. Wait.

He did give Thea love....

Unwanted Love.

There's much more to this than it seems...


not or no longer desired.

an intense feeling of deep affection.


You can't save a relationship with only one person trying.

Go stab his foot with a knife and slap him and burn all his clothes and throw his phone in the ocean then beat the shît out of him and get a divorce cuz he's a bîtch
prxyn_ prxyn_ Jan 11
Cold coffee is a thing but when a hot coffee turns cold it tastes disgusting so nahhhh
SinnersandSugars SinnersandSugars Jul 13, 2015
Where are you now that I need you?!
                              *Cue funky upbeat sound and the feels*