Peraltiago + 1

Peraltiago + 1

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Amy's POV

I walk into the precinct with the drug dealer I have just caught in handcuffs as Rosa introduces him to all the other detectives and  officers. A small round of applause ripples through the room, as a sense of nausea ripples through my body leaving me slightly shaky.

"Well done babe." Jake says to me as he walks past my desk and I smile to myself before beginning to take details.

It doesn't take me long, as we caught him doing the deals so he doesn't even bother to attempt lying, but instead confesses and then proposes an offer for us to let him off but in exchange have him give us information. I know that a process like that takes a long time, so for the time being I refuse his offer however tell him to suggest it at a later time. 

As soon as he's taken away, the rest of the team come up to me and Captain Holt suggests we go for drinks as a celebration. I accept the offer but kindly turn down the choice of alcohol, my excuse being that I'm the designated driver for the ...