Bitten 2 - Mindless Behavior and starring you

Bitten 2 - Mindless Behavior and starring you

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Kay <3 By mindless_chica_ Updated Apr 18, 2016

Previously on Bitten starring you and behaviour 

It has been 3 months since YN was put into a coma. I have been at the hospital nearly everyday just to tell her what I couldn't. It was that I love her. I had been telling her about what has been happening, like Toya and Prod are properly together and have been since the incident and our long talk with Roc and he confessed to everything about how he had been working for Alex and how the kidnapping was all planned. Everyone was angry at first but they accepted him and he promised that he wouldn't do anything like that to us or YN ever again. To be quite honest I didn't believe him and I was still angry with him.

In my hospital visits I would either come alone or with Prod, Ray, Toya, Kayla or Jay. I've gotten a lot closer to YN's parents and I normally find either her mom, her dad or both of them at YN's side in the hospital. They would both talk to me about YN. From little stories about when she was little to her habits at her age now,...

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wezzybabes123 wezzybabes123 Jul 19, 2017
Learn how to make since when u write bc I am really confused
Mindless_angel143 Mindless_angel143 Jul 14, 2016
I have been waiting so long to read this book and I finally found it
biancalhurtt biancalhurtt Aug 12, 2015
I hope she remember she going to remember she a vampwolf??
NaDiya_Reeves_ NaDiya_Reeves_ Jul 15, 2014
This was a warm,happy,loving chapter awwwww <3 I'm glad she's gettin her memory bck loved the chapter
NaDiya_Reeves_ NaDiya_Reeves_ Jul 15, 2014
I loved it!!!! Awww he really misses her and she doesn't even remembers him :(