Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

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UvU_Prince By UvU_Prince Updated Dec 01, 2018

As a society, we have stereotypes that serve us as if it they were a guide to follow and understand the people around us and how to identify them. We have certain things associated with goodness, just as we have things that are associated with what is evil. The bright golden color, the obscurity of blacknes, the soft caress of feathers, the sharp pain that fangs bring to the flesh. With these traits alone, we could see whenever someone, or something, is of trust.

But still, we cannot trust someone entirely on those stereotypes alone, for they can be secretly a malicious wolf hidden in the clothing of a naive sheep.

And it could also be the opposite. It could also be a sheep, lost on its ways, that will forever have the label and skin of a wolf due to one small mistake. And the more they refuse to see its change, the more the wolf skin fuses with its own.

So please, won't you follow me on this story about a lost, confused sheep getting rid of his wolf skin with the help of another one like him? Won't you help him by being a witness of his change of heart?


Won't you help them?