Recovery [hs au]

Recovery [hs au]

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"I don't know how but I'm going to help her, I have to.

I'm going to help Grace recover from this and I'm not going to quit until she's happy.

I look at Grace and attempt to figure out how exactly I'm going to do this.

I move closer to Grace and close my eyes.

I'll make her happy again."


 a girl who has slipped into a deep depression due to her parents' divorce just moved back to her childhood home to be unexpectedly reunited with her old friend who has a radiant smile and a similar past

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Richy_Richy Richy_Richy Jul 13, 2016
Life was like that for me until I moved across the sea with my sister back to my home where I was born in London and my parents now miss me more then ever but  I'm not going back
JustStay_CALM JustStay_CALM Jul 02, 2016
We are in the mist of planning my sweet sixteen thanks for making me feel bad 😭
Roustylesxx Roustylesxx Jan 07, 2017
Sadly I know this all too well , it's been my normal life for 11 years now , I'm 18 ..
glittertoeharry glittertoeharry Aug 17, 2014
yeah my parents going to divorce so you literally speak out of the depths of my soul
Dear_Styles Dear_Styles Jun 27, 2014
I "Tigger warning " and I thought um Winnie the poo? but otherwise this is absolutely great
EatReadWriteRepeat EatReadWriteRepeat Jun 22, 2014
This was an amazing 1st chapter. I can relate completely.. Can't wait to see where you take this story!