Recovery [hs au]

Recovery [hs au]

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"I don't know how but I'm going to help her, I have to.

I'm going to help Grace recover from this and I'm not going to quit until she's happy.

I look at Grace and attempt to figure out how exactly I'm going to do this.

I move closer to Grace and close my eyes.

I'll make her happy again."


 a girl who has slipped into a deep depression due to her parents' divorce just moved back to her childhood home to be unexpectedly reunited with her old friend who has a radiant smile and a similar past

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Richy_Richy Richy_Richy Jul 13
Life was like that for me until I moved across the sea with my sister back to my home where I was born in London and my parents now miss me more then ever but  I'm not going back
We are in the mist of planning my sweet sixteen thanks for making me feel bad 😭
NatalyCanez NatalyCanez Jun 10
Just with having lily In your story makes me love it!! :) xoxo
Chelsea898 Chelsea898 Jul 02
He's probably not the best dad in this book, but I love Nathan fillon, not like I love Harry styles but you get it!!
glittertoeharry glittertoeharry Aug 17, 2014
yeah my parents going to divorce so you literally speak out of the depths of my soul
Dear_Styles Dear_Styles Jun 27, 2014
I "Tigger warning " and I thought um Winnie the poo? but otherwise this is absolutely great