love does kill (ticci-toby x reader)

love does kill (ticci-toby x reader)

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snowluver By snowluver Updated Jun 21, 2015

Reader P.O.V

I was just in my room lying on my bed on my phone when I heard the faint rustling of clothes outside my window.

I got up and looked out my window.

Nothing. Nothing at all. 

There was nothing. No person. No one walking their dog or anything. So I decide to walk back to my bed and try to fall asleep.

Toby's P.O.V

Phew. Good thing she didn't see me outside watching her. She was so beautiful. Her (E/C) eyes were so bright and beautiful they were almost hypotizing! Oh no. She's looking at me...

Note from admin~ 

this is my first book I hope you like it sorry its so short

    These comments remind me of a boy in my class he randomly starts chasing u usually girls and tell give me a hug
    Azakitori Azakitori Aug 21, 2016
                                  Toby: AHHH!
                                  ME: MWAHAHA! You're so adorable
                                  Toby: *Blush deep red*
    Yakimura_Amari Yakimura_Amari Nov 06, 2016
    Me:GIMME A HUG*runs outside and tackles him*
                                  Toby:AHHHHHH*screams like a 5 year old girl*
                                  Me:HAHAHAHA YOU ARE SO CUTE WHEN YOU SCREAM!*hugs him and gives him a kiss on the cheek*
    ThatOneLmao ThatOneLmao Jan 22
    Me: Toby? Are you there? I have waffles!!
                                  Toby: *comes out*
                                  Me: *kisses him on the cheek and hands him a stack of waffles*
    MrAngelC MrAngelC Mar 18, 2016
    wtf how do just see toby and be like im just going to let this killer in my room omg people come on!
    B3v3ar B3v3ar Jul 13, 2016
    Oh it's just a weird guy that waved at I'm just gonna invite him in for tea and crumpets and when we're done he'll be on his marry way!