Blood & Weed

Blood & Weed

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 Karma Series Book I

Knowing Cliché you'd think he was born from the pit of hell. But he just wanna do the all the wrong things to take care of his sister. 

Yet he's spiteful, cold as hell and will kill anybody for a simple situation, especially family.

 He wasn't looking for love but it found him. Cliché and his love at first sight. The girl he falls for was never too open in the beginning , Raje. 

The hard cookie, who had never been in love and didn't know how to.  Life been rough since the stages of her father's arrest, her brother's murder and her mother's death she only knew her bestfriend, Ivory.

 Loyalty don't mean shit with years and numbers. You could meet a nigga in
 five minutes and trust them with your life versus someone you've known all your life.  It's all about the action, so who's the real thugga?

You can't trust nobody 
Cause in this game it's all about blood and weed.


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damien_fonville damien_fonville May 28, 2015
I really loved your boon it brought tears to my eyes but yeaaaa u should wright more
jjjadee jjjadee Dec 18, 2014
That's how I feel when they be making stories like that like this is not no fairy tale I be like HELL NAH