Daughters of a Thug

Daughters of a Thug

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Read 'My Boo💋' first, by me❗📖💯

It's 21 years later after the last scene from my previous book, My Boo💋. So much has changed now for Jamal and Ivyene. First off they had two more kids after A'Raya, specifically two more girls. Sounds like a happy home right?....Nope.

Ivyene is missing, dead?, or barely alive?....no one knows. After the birth of her youngest daughter....she disappeared. So of course being Jamal (The Ex-Thug) he goes completely off and ends up in jail, leaving his three young girls parentless for a great period of their lives. Sad.

 The girls are all grown up now, each having distinctive personalities and different 'views on life' from the other. You have a good girl, a Bad girl....and one that still hasn't made her decision quite yet. So will this break up the family....or somehow in someway make it stronger? Read the to find out.


tae_savage tae_savage Jun 28
My Soul Just Fell Out Of My Body Came Back In Left Again And Came Back Jumped Out For A Second Slid In And Said "Damn" That's The Only Possible Word Yakno😎
AugustAAjr AugustAAjr Jul 28
That's a good picture cuz he look just like the little boy I mean Dead on
AugustAAjr AugustAAjr Jul 29
I was kind of skeptical on reading the rest cuz once you said Ivyene was dead and Jamal was in jail I was just like naw yo. Whyyyyy😣😭😭😭
amourll0ve amourll0ve Jun 29
LUCASSS COOOLLLYYY hey my 5th husband  👅😍😍😍👅👅💦💦💦
thuggaa1002 thuggaa1002 Jun 23
This is very confuseing. Does this book have a part 1 to it ?
LadyKaayy LadyKaayy Dec 29, 2016
I think it's gone be amazing like it's putting both my boo and my love for her in one book