Daughters of a Thug

Daughters of a Thug

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[Read My Boo first, by me]

It's 21 years later after the last scene from my previous book, My Boo. So much has changed now for Jamal and Ivyene. First off they had two more kids after A'Raya, specifically two more girls. Sounds like a happy home right?....Nope.

Ivyene is missing, dead, barley alive....no one knows. After the birth of her youngest daughter....she disappeared. So of course being Jamal (The Ex-Thug) he goes completely off and ends up in jail, leaving his three young girls parentless. Sad.

Now the girls are all grown up now, each having distinctive personalities and "different views on life". You have a good girl, a Bad girl....and one that still hasn't made her decision quite yet. So will this break up the family....or somehow in someway make it stronger? Read the to find out.

Ps. Can't wait for y'all to meet the girls ;)

ciera5cece ciera5cece Nov 17
I dont even want to read this anymore ivyene was my fav character