One Direction Dirty Images

One Direction Dirty Images

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Niall dirty Image


Niall was at an interview for the day and you decided to go watch him. After a while of boredom you decide to tease him from his dressing room. In the dressing room was a flat screen T.V so you could watch him. You pull out your phone and began to text him.

Baby your so hot in those tight pants they'd look better of though;)xx Y/N

You look at the T.V and see Niall squirming in his seat.

Y/N not now plz don't do this.Niall

Oh wow your making me so weeeetttt xx Y/N

Your gonna get it!!Niall

You notice a huge bulge in his pants as he try's to cover it. This goes on for a while until you decide texting wasn't enough you strip to your underwear and take a pic. You start to laugh whilst you get changed when you realise he's sweating. The interview went on for a few more hours. When it finally ended you got a text from Harry.

Haha nice work Y/N better hide he's coming! :D Harry

You ran into the closet only to hear the door slam shut minutes later ...

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