Curses! (USUK)

Curses! (USUK)

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danny By TheHeroOfForever Updated Jul 27, 2012

ENJOY!!!  :D

Description: When England has had the last straw, he decides to put a curse on America to teach him a lesson. But he quickly discovers that his curse has only made things between them much more interesting. (NOT A ONE-SHOT!!!)

Chapter 1:

The room was dark, only lit by a few candles, their flames flickering eerily. A large circle was carved into the floor, shapes and words of a long-forgotten language intricately decorating it. Before the circle stood a cloaked England, spell book in hand. He flipped through the pages, looking for just the right spell to use. He thought back to how stupid America had been the other day at one of their meetings, how he had yet again insulted his cooking, how he had tried to shove a hamburger down his throat, how he had just been rude and inconsiderate as usual. England wasn't going to take America's antics anymore. For only a few moments had England actually thought of killing him, but then memories of their past flashed through his head,...

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potatosalsa194 potatosalsa194 Jul 07, 2017
God the saddest thing is I know how much it feel like  to be rejected 
                              Not like this harsh though
                              I kinda feels like you get run over by a train but you can't die so it repeats
aph-Sin aph-Sin Nov 25, 2017
oh my god arthur i lvoe you but if make my boy CRY ...,,,.,..,.,,
potatosalsa194 potatosalsa194 Jul 07, 2017
Yeah greet him by hugging him from behind and whispering huskily in a very suggestive manner
                              You had one job America
this used to be my favorite fic like 3-4 years ago and i’m just rereading it now and i’m as shook as i was back then
Mari_Is_Not_Okay Mari_Is_Not_Okay Oct 28, 2017
You don't need a spell to make Alfred love you. He already does naturally.
potatosalsa194 potatosalsa194 Jul 07, 2017
What if the potion just intensifies his most prominent emotion aka LURVE