Whisper and the Winter Soldier

Whisper and the Winter Soldier

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Whisperswatcher By Whisperswatcher Updated Aug 16, 2014

A/N This story was created 2 years ago, which is crazy! All updated chapters will be ☆

Shannon Smith is an average, young woman to the outside world but scratch on the surface and her dark past lurks beneath. 
After the events in Washington (Catain America 2: Winter Soldier) part of her history is out for the entire world to see, pushing Shannon in to the grey area of would be hero to possible villain.
When the dark Stranger James 'Bucky' Barnes comes knocking asking for help in opening up his past. 

Will Shannon decide to follow James on his path of redemption or be engulfed in her need for revenge?

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I seriously opened this after a break from reading and pictured Morgan Freeman crossing his eyes 😂
CharlyManlove CharlyManlove Nov 04, 2016
I love the action scenes and the way Bucky is introduced. Really good so far.
ForeverDauntless12 ForeverDauntless12 Jun 19, 2015
Who wouldn't think that about Sebastian Stan. He is my future- husband- in- my- mind/guardian angel/lover/ boyfriend/ my sadness because I know I'll never have him/ happiness/ cause of crazed hormones/my life source for eternity. :)
irradiated irradiated Jul 19, 2014
Yes... Because that's obviously what you should be thinking when you're about to die.... Well he is Bucky so... Never mind, yeah he's hot
Whisperswatcher Whisperswatcher Apr 29, 2014
you must be physic, literally just finished posting the next chapter :-)
MariniaDelLana MariniaDelLana Apr 29, 2014
Your welcome can't wait for the next chapter and the rest to follow!