The Marauder Stories: Sirius Black

The Marauder Stories: Sirius Black

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"Talking to yourself is one of the first signs of madness, you know."
Hearing him say that yet again made her roll her eyes which only made that smirk on his face turn from that to a grin, "Ah yes, the first of the day!"

Sirius Black was a lot of things -- he was rebellious and intimidating, but also quite witty and funny (or so he'd like to think), he caused more trouble than he would have cared to admit but ironically enough, was clever enough to get by. Not that he would need it. He was a lot of things, but he had everything within arm's reach.

Arianna Riddle was a lot of things herself -- a lot to the point that she ended up attracting unwanted attention from a certain group of troublemakers.

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Here’s questions and how I answer them:
                              “Why are you so tired?”
                              “I was reading.”
                              “Why are you always in your room?”
                              “I read a lot.”
                              “Why do you ignore my texts?”
                              “I don’t ignore them, you see.. I just didn’t  see them.. Because I was reading.”
OMG I KNOW THAT WAS A TYPO BUT TO ALL MY FELLOW MUSICAL THEATRE GEEKS OUT THERE WHO KNOW WHAT I SQUIP IS, I LOVE YOUUU (comment if you know what a squip is and from what musical if you want me to love you) (I’m so strange) Alright ty bai
PxterParker PxterParker Jul 26, 2017
Sirius and everyone could get away with doing spells outside of Hogwarts as they live with witches and wizards that are at age. So as they won't know who cast the spell, pueblos or Half-Life can get away with casting spells
NormalEverydayGeek NormalEverydayGeek May 29, 2017
"I'm so proud you're not a squip and therefore have not besmirched our noble name, yet."
_Smoke_And_Ash _Smoke_And_Ash Jun 02, 2017
is it weird that i touched my chest too when james said that?
Fairytale-Enthusiast Fairytale-Enthusiast Jun 03, 2017
                              I try not to be finicky about spelling but this is the first thing people see when they open your book and I wouldn't want that to negatively impact your readership.