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More .:. A Remus Lupin Story

More .:. A Remus Lupin Story

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Killemwithsarcasm By _MoonChild__ Completed

She's hated by every house but her own. 
She's a Slytherin that embodies the house, yet nobody thinks she belongs. 
She defies social constructs quietly, and they hate her for it. 

The marauders never cared about who she was; they saw her as a girl that they had to torment. Because that's who she was, and that's who they were. 

But there's more to Ashlynn Elmer than meets the eye. Remus Lupin knows that. Ashlynn knows that. 

The only issue?
Two groups of friends that get in the way. 

As Sirius Black would put it, "It's kind of like that Romeo and Juliet story. But different."

                              Oh, wait. *raises eyebrows suggestively* you're in luv. . . 😘
I would kick them and run away
                              But first I'd be like 'eww get away from me your breath stinks almost as much as your attitude now bye!'
                              That's literally such a stupid thing to say but oh whale I'm a lame potato
Wow I didn't excpect that from you Peter.
                              Go back to the corner where you belong you stupid traitor rat evil thing
Why is she pushed around so much? Does she know how to stand up to her enemies?
says the one who will be the cause of his friends death and the other sent to azkaban..🙄
- - Jul 16, 2016
Finally!! I've been waiting for one with a slytherin, since I am! I hate how people treat slytherin, we aren't all bad! Thanks for the great story!