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Secret Prankster (HP fanfiction - Marauder Era) ON HOLD by Totallyangelicgirl
Secret Prankster (HP Angel
Scarlett Dixon is a 16 year old witch who is leaving Beauxbatons for Hogwarts, and also happens to be leading a double life. By day she is your average, sarcastic, Strai...
  • marauderera
  • prankster
  • marauders
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Half Archangel Half God [Sirius Black] by DecemberNightshade
Half Archangel Half God [Sirius December Nightshade
Abigail Lokidottir. Yup, you read that right, Lokidottir. Daughter to the God of Mischief and Lies himself, she holds many secrets up in her head. For one thing, Heaven...
  • peterpettigrew
  • wizard
  • lokilaufeyson
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BELLE⟶  Remus Lupin by kmbell92
BELLE⟶ Remus Lupinby 𝐊.𝐌.𝐁𝐄𝐋𝐋
Remus Lupin always found himself enthralled by the girl with a dreamy far-off look, yet her nose was always stuck in a book, making him wonder if she would ever come to...
  • severussnape
  • remuslupin
  • fanfiction
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Little Miss Marauder by MediocreWriter_98
Little Miss Marauderby MediocreWriter_98
"Remus Lupin. Didn't think the next time I'd see you would be back on this platform!" Her voice carried like a breeze to his ears, causing him to turn around w...
  • marauderera
  • remuslupin
  • fifthmarauder
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Marauders x Reader by abby_jones99
Marauders x Readerby abby
Do you love Pad foot? Do you love prongs? Do you love Moony? Do you love worm tail? Then look no further because here's a collection of marauders x readers! Feel free to...
  • padfoot
  • wormtail
  • moony
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black's kitten | s.b. by _outofcontext_
black's kitten | Calliope
"You know, don't be surprised if I'm carrying you like this again someday." "Oh, piss off." Genevieve Potter is James Potters fraternal twin. Althoug...
  • fanfiction
  • maraudersfanfiction
  • isolemnlyswear
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issue | james potter by elleira-
issue | james potterby arielle
"There is one more thing. No matter what happens, you're not allowed to fall in love with me." "Won't be an issue." ... in which james potter tries t...
  • peterpettigrew
  • remuslupin
  • wormtail
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Reticent ◈ Remus Lupin by tacendas
Reticent ◈ Remus Lupinby finest seduction
Lily Evans meet Hyacinth Burkhart who becomes her best friend. The downfall? She's a Slytherin. And to the Marauders believe she's invading Gryffindor territory. H...
  • marauders
  • remuslupin
  • lupin
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The Leftovers → Sirius Black by copcakez
The Leftovers → Sirius Blackby copcakez
⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀In which a sister falls in love with a best friend. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ started: 2/20/19 hit 1k reads on june 7th rankings: #4 in marauderera,
  • harrypotter
  • remuslupinsister
  • siriusblack
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Prohibit | Sirius O. Black ? by Deviancee
Prohibit | Sirius O. Black ?by Flower child 🔅
'' ᴛʜᴇ ᴘʀᴏʜɪʙɪᴛᴇᴅ ғʀᴜɪᴛ ɪs ᴀʟᴡᴀʏs ᴛʜᴇ sᴡᴇᴇᴛᴇsᴛ.'' ▪️ In which heartbreaker Sirius Black finally understands what it means to love someone you can never have. ▪️ "I...
  • harrypotter
  • projectwomanup
  • love
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Marlene by live_life_with_books
Marleneby Em
Book 2 in the Generations Series. '"So if we're harbouring criminals, then I'd quite like to know their names," Marlene looked between the two boys. "I'm...
  • lilypotter
  • peterpettigrew
  • jamespotter
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Ineffable | J. Potter by captainmarveI
Ineffable | J. Potterby rayne
Ineffable (adj) when something is too great to be expressed in words [HP: Marauder Era] [copyright © rayne 2016]
  • jamespotter
  • maraudersera
  • wizards
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Marauder Instagrams by thedeathlydemigods
Marauder Instagramsby kara danvers.
updates daily // harry potter marauders era instagrams
  • marauderera
  • fanfiction
  • peterpetagrew
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The Marauders Era by dripping-sarcasm
The Marauders Eraby 🥀 faiza 🥀
i'm bored so i'm gonna write this. these are all wolfstar and jily one shots. i sound so bloody unenthusiastic. i swear i'm happy to write this book. yay. ▪highest ranki...
  • harrypotterworld
  • hogwartsschoolofwitchcraftandwizardry
  • harrypotter
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The Marauder Stories: Sirius Black by hisimperfectangel25
The Marauder Stories: Sirius Blackby Charlie C. ∞
WARNING: UNDERGOING SOME SERIOUS (no pun intended) EDITING "Talking to yourself is one of the first signs of madness, you know." Hearing him say that yet again...
  • remuslupin
  • riddle
  • lilyevans
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Lipstick Stains - Regulus Black  by honeeyloveee
Lipstick Stains - Regulus Black by HoneyLoveee
What if there was another Potter? A sister perhaps? What if that said sister was the same age as her brothers best friends younger brother? Also, what if those said si...
  • padfoot
  • regulusblack
  • severus
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Harry Potter Truth Or Dare by ObssesiveWierdo
Harry Potter Truth Or Dareby Praniti Bhargava
*horns blaring* OLA, HELLO, NAMASTE, BONJOUR! (I only know this much..) Welcome to the most hilarious book you will find! Ever! Read on to witness the character's shenan...
  • ginny
  • truthordare
  • hermione
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Back In The Time : A Ginny Weasley / Marauder Fanfic  by RoseQueen22997
Back In The Time : A Ginny Aurora
Ginny used a time turner to escape from deatheaters. What if it took her back to the time of Marauders? Will she ever able to come back to her time? Or will she ever wan...
  • timetravel
  • marauderera
  • ginnyweasley
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Storybook {Regulus A. Black} by Musicangel248
Storybook {Regulus A. Black}by Musicangel248
"Your stories are the only thing no one can ever take away from you," she said quietly as if just remembering something. "Then why don't you tell me your'...
  • orphan
  • marauderera
  • voldemort
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Toujours Pur (Wolfstar) by NeverEndingStory102
Toujours Pur (Wolfstar)by NeverEndingStory102
Toujours Pur. Always Pure. A phrase Sirius Black was taught to value. After hearing those words muttered constantly in his youth, he never once doubted his parents, h...
  • marauders
  • fanfiction
  • lgbt
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