FlyGirl - The First Edition

FlyGirl - The First Edition

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Liz Charnes By LizCharnes Completed

When trust fund brat Siobhan McIver gets kicked out of her family, handsome Alexander Cosetino is there to help her move forward with her life. But why's he pressuring her to get married? She's only 19. That's way too young to get married.

BUT the ring is big and Alex is rich, rich, rich... it's like a fairy tale. 


Except that she has no money, no job, no skills. Alex is in control of everything... and Siobhan's not so good at doing what she's told. Plus, there's a good looking, but snarky, FBI agent who's always telling her that Alex is a Mob Boss and not a Wall Street lawyer. Then there's this high ranking Russian mobster she accidentally on purpose she narked on and who's looking for revenge... lately, it seems like everything's up in the air.

Maybe she should be, too.  Sometimes the only way out is up.

This is the first edition of FlyGirl. Uncut, unedited, and unproofed.

  • adventure
  • arrangedmarriage
  • billionaire
  • crime
  • flightattendant
  • humantrafficking
  • humor
  • law
  • lawyer
  • love
  • mafia
  • mob
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