A Mob Boss's First Love (Book 1 Of The New York Mafia Trilogy)

A Mob Boss's First Love (Book 1 Of The New York Mafia Trilogy)

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Book 1 of the New York Mafia Series: 

Summary: What happens when an innocent and kind hearted girl becomes the first love of a boy destined to become a notorious mob boss one day. Would space and time make him forget her? Would he feel any differently towards her when he sees her again years later or his love for her becomes even more possessive after years of waiting?
        This story takes place in the 1950s in America.
        Francesco and Costanzo were two brothers who were sent to live with their uncle Piero in a small town in Oklahoma.  No one knew why they had suddenly moved to the town and no one wanted to know. There were many rumours surrounding the Rosario family that made the locals wary. No one wished to get on the wrong side of this mysterious Italian American family. No one questioned them. No one dared look at them the wrong way. 
        Parents warned their children to stay away from the newly arrived brothers. The boys enrolled in the local school and no one dared get in their path. However, Adele and her brother Angelo were totally in the dark from the rumours and warnings since they were new in town themselves. Childhood friendship was formed and time went on. Events soon started to happen that increased fear towards the Rosario household amongst the small town citizens. 
        Secrets were slowly revealed and the childhood friends gradually drifted apart due to events that was no fault of their own ...... only for them to be reunited years later.
        Note: Cover by @sarahikari_ska

Beansp4 Beansp4 Jun 14
I'm so excited I've been looking for a book set in the 50s forever
jenijds jenijds May 26
20/5/17 - I am starting to read the book 1 in mob boss series. I have read mob boss heirs but  I am excited to read the parent's story
Fudge971 Fudge971 Jun 05
Low key only reading this because of Jensen Ackles on the cover. lol, I'm such a dork.
Pray tell me how does your have 1000k views?!😫😫😫😫🤔🤔🤔
Fudge971 Fudge971 3 days ago
@LAbabe1 you shouldn't advertise on someone else's story, it's considered impolite.
Idontgivetwofucks Idontgivetwofucks Dec 29, 2016
I looked at all the pictures and saw Jensen Ackles. My exact words were 
                              "Damn it. Now I HAVE to read it. Uncle Jennn!"