Sold to the trade* (Watty awards 2012)

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    Her past still haunts her....her past still wants to find her...but will her future change that? 
    At the tender age of five Skylar was sold by her own parents to human trafficking. Sky's past is still haunting her to this day. Years later, she's trying to move on by trying to open up her heart to a millionaire...Who may be her mate. But her past still haunts her and her owner refuses to give her up.
sad but funny I like how little kids think like that but otherwise its just plain old sad
If you were sorry then you would have no gone and (tried/did) ràpe her!
woowww That's Sad.... Not Only That But Did Even Think Of The Way There 3Year Old Daughter Felt...  Smh
She's never been, but yet she understands the struggle. I feel you
haha. I thought big fücking giants before thinking of the big friendly giant cx
Nope but I live in South Dakota sooooo yea we hold the record for fastest weather change in the world yup I am used to it