Grim | Book III of the Seekers Trilogy

Grim | Book III of the Seekers Trilogy

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~ l i a n n ~ By liann_aixa Updated Jul 22, 2019

Book III in the Seekers trilogy. 

All hope is lost. The Seekers lost the sole heir to their throne to the Reapers. Or, more specifically, to Grim's son. Eric is determined that he can become Grim, harness his new powers, and conquer the world, all the while trying to convince Jen to love him again. 

But how could she ever love him again? He destroyed everything. He killed her love, her Guardian, and doomed her people. She wanted nothing more to do with Grim's son. Now it seemed the Reapers were going to win this war and all humans, ghosts and Seekers would remain in eternal suffering.

The only hope of ever rescuing the Soul Princess and saving the world rests on the shoulders of a narcissistic Reaper that could not be trusted and a group of Seekers and humans that have to achieve the impossible: cure the Reaper of his dark wounds. 

Will Clementine be able to heal Tristan?

Will Jen be able to escape Eric's grasp?

Will the Seekers win the war and restore peace to the world?

Or will it be thrown into darkness forever?

Find out in the thrilling conclusion of the Seekers trilogy: "Grim".