Mei (boyxboy)

Mei (boyxboy)

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TS Mahima By mahimarani98 Updated Sep 06, 2018

Two countries separated by a single river. The river separating a country stuck in the past to a country moving into the future. A mother runs away with her son, Mei, trying to leave their demons behind and seek a fresh start and a brighter future. But Mei is leaving behind more than just his painful past, he's also leaving behind a piece of his heart. Can Mei move on or will he be stuck in a strange world longing to return to his home even if that means returning to his own personal hell?

*All of the pictures used in this story including the title page don't belong to me and I found them on google, so all credit goes to the artists :)*

This is my first Wattpad story so I would love to get comments on what you think went well and what's terrible :)

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