Female Yakuza - Assassin [BOOK 4]

Female Yakuza - Assassin [BOOK 4]

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ジリン By iammejlyn Updated Dec 02, 2018

[The Assassin Sequel]

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Kyomiko Azumi, 18. When I was 16 years old, there's a price on my head. 5 Billion Yen or 2 something Billion Pesos. Every year the price always adding up to 1 Billion Yen. But they can't catch me because I have a fake identity. Top yakuza clans hire me to kill. But when I turned 18 I stopped killing people. This is not I want to be... someone, help me.
Cover by: rancezel03

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This is my fifth original gangster-yakuza-assassin story, inspired by Azumi :">

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みんな、 ありがとう ございました!

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