My Brother's Best Friend.

My Brother's Best Friend.

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iChanti Latoya By read2alot Updated Oct 03, 2016

Meet Alyssa Reynolds, the hottest girl in her school, head cheerleader and friends with the most sought after guys. 
Now meet Chase Parker, one of the biggest jocks in school, top dog, the hottest guy along with his bestfriend Blake and has a secret cruch on Alyssa.

The only reason Chase stays at a distance around Aly is due to the fact he was warned off by her brother and he has the reputation of being and man-whore and player. Aly has no idea Chase has feelings for her, thus whenever he does something she always rebels causing a hate relationship between the two. Will Chase ever be able to admit his true feelings to Aly or will he lose her forever?? 

Follow the ups and downs of Chase and Alyssa's relationship as they try to figure of what is meant to be or if the unknown lurking in the shadows will tear them apart.

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Cookie_Monster922 Cookie_Monster922 Jul 02, 2013
Allysa's Korean? Well...Whatver lol...The casts Doenst matter...The Story is the one that matters..But I think It was kinda Weird when she Described herself As This 'Gorgeous Girl'...Maybe like, Her friend or someone Else describes her...Like maybe...Okay NEVERMIND my Rambling...Off to reading
danaeandmadison danaeandmadison May 06, 2010
hey chanti love the story please continue you r doin a good job soo far but u need to watch d grammar.
                              ps i expect chapter 2 by tomorrow!!
                              it better b here or i'ma kill ya lol