Cell Mates 2 - Dead Men Tell No Tales (boyxboy) ON HOLD

Cell Mates 2 - Dead Men Tell No Tales (boyxboy) ON HOLD

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DoUbLeZone By DoUbLeZone Updated Jan 10, 2015

Cruise ships are all fun and games...until yours is hijacked.

FBI agents, Simon and Eddie are no strangers to danger. It's a constant in their lives, reminding them just how messed up the world can be, and exactly why it is necessary to remain focused and unyielding.

 They know what it means to fight for their lives, and for those around them, so when their cruise ship is hijacked while on vacation with friends, they act quickly and efficiently to bring the situation under control, but some things aren't as simple as they seem. 

These modern day pirates are vicious and determined, and the agents soon find themselves in over their heads as they fight tooth and nail to survive. Lives are lost, prisoners are taken, and love is found. 

Now they not only fight for their lives, but for the life they can have together...if only they can manage to stay alive.

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siska_yuri siska_yuri May 31, 2017
I can't believe it when I sow cell mates 2 I was like nooo when did that happen yayyyy
BlackBeautySS BlackBeautySS Apr 07, 2017
Please continue with this..  I can't finish the first book since it's sold and I can't buy it by whatever means but at least let me enjoy this one.. All of your books are so amazing!!!
Annbenny19xx Annbenny19xx Mar 22, 2015
can you please update, its been two months, are you continuing this story ?
warmpluto warmpluto Jan 28, 2015
I didn't get to finish the first one lets hope I can finish this one :/
denny1 denny1 Aug 15, 2014
no!! Thank YoU!! an as mush as a die. hard kitten as I am, crying as i sent book 1 to the ark  shelf.. I am here at book 2 excited  to ride you as we   continue  on....
MsAntonetteG MsAntonetteG Aug 06, 2014
Are you going to delete Cell Mates 1 on your page after you published it?