City of Blood [boyxboy]

City of Blood [boyxboy]

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Cosmos By AngryOperaMoustache Updated Aug 26

Everyone calls them the Shots.

I'd say they are a gang, but they're more like a secret society. A mafia. The deadliest group America has ever seen.

They've taken complete control of New York in three years, and are spreading through America fast.

The only problem is no one can catch them.

Search as hard and thorough as you want. All you'll win out of that is an empty-handed case, or a trip to Heaven.

They've committed the worst crimes in history. Stolen. Hacked. Murdered. If you slip up even once, you won't live to see another day. We're all slaves to the Shots now.

My name is Garth Riggs.

And I'm about to cross a big line with the Shots.


Warning: This book includes strong language, extreme violence, extreme intimacy, and is boyxboy, above including girlxgirl and other sexual statuses. If any of this does not suit your fancy, please don't read, and please don't leave hateful comments, more or less. Read at your own risk. Love you, dearies!

BLfreak BLfreak Jul 22
I'm like
                              Wait wait wait wait
                              *checks the story description*
                              Okay. I thought it was him
                              If yknow What em sayinnn
Natty135 Natty135 Apr 20
Hahhahahaha... I love my very affordable Honda Civic thank you very much😂😂😂
CheshireKillings CheshireKillings Dec 04, 2016
whats that word blasmethy no wait is it lies NO WAIT IT'S STUPIDITY
_hateful_ _hateful_ Jul 04, 2016
lol I thought he was randomly yelling "intensity" and was thinking "yes, we know. this is pretty intense."
I don't get the point of buying a nice expensive car though cause all you'll wanna do is look at it and not actually drive it 😅
p-please p-please Jan 25
It was amazing,  a sweet way to start of this book!  😊😊